Supporting the fight against global microbial threats

GPAS – the Global Pathogen Analysis System – will enable users to upload, analyse and share the data necessary to identify and fight microbial threats.

This project is a collaboration of public health and academic institutes, led by the University of Oxford, and supported by Oracle to establish a global sequence-data processing and analysis service, focusing initially on SARS-CoV-2.

This will provide a globally standardised, quality controlled, scalable, and secure service which rapidly returns results of sequence-data, with options to match a local sequence onto global lists of Variants of Concern or other features such as antimicrobial resistance. Results will be accessible via a dashboard summary showing real-time global spread and prevalence of lineages.

GPAS will create a free, flexible system which will allow users to choose the best fit for their requirements – with differentiated permissions to allow data sharing, embargo, privacy or deletion. GPAS can serve as an honest broker to facilitate conversations, whilst allowing data owners to maintain their chosen level of control over contributions.

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